Fort Worth Breast Lift

Gravity, pregnancy and nursing, fluctuations in weight and genetics can all contribute to causing the breasts to head south. Women who are unhappy with the down ward drooping direction of their breasts may be considering a Breast Lift procedure. Dr. Gracia has helped countless women achieve more youthful breasts through Fort Worth Breast Lift surgery.

In a Fort Worth Breast Lift procedure an incision is generally made around the areola. The excess, stretched out skin is removed. The areola may be repositioned to be better aligned with the new, higher positioning of the breasts. In some cases the areola may be re-shape or re-sized if the patient desires. For women whose only complaint is the down ward drooping of their breasts, this may be all that is needed to create the results desired. However, some women who are dissatisfied with both the sagging and the size of their breasts, a breast augmentation with breast lift may be the best solution to provide the results desired.

If you would like to learn more about how breast lift surgery can improve the appearance of your breasts, contact our office to schedule your confidential consultation!

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