Give Your Sex Life a Boost With Vaginal Rejuvenation

Have pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause left you feeling less than your best in the bedroom? You deserve to feel confident and sexy in your skin, but all too often, life takes a toll on your body and your sex life.

Natural biological processes like vaginal birth and menopause can cause vaginal tissue to stretch. While this isn’t necessarily linked to medical complications, unsightly or enlarged tissues can impact a woman’s self-confidence.

Vaginal rejuvenation is a type of personalized cosmetic surgery to revitalize the appearance of your genital area. If you’re embarrassed by the size of your labia or loosened vaginal tissue, schedule a confidential consultation with Walter D. Gracia, MD, PA.

Dr. Gracia and our plastic surgery team specialize in the latest vaginal rejuvenation procedures to help you look — and feel — your best, including labiaplasty and vaginoplasty.

How your body changes over the years

When you’re young, tissue throughout your body contains high levels of collagen, a protein that gives skin strength and elasticity. Your body naturally produces less collagen as you get older, which is a leading cause of facial lines and wrinkles.

But these changes don’t just affect your facial skin. Dropping collagen levels also impact the health of your vaginal tissue. The skin in and around your vagina gets drier and more lax with age, and it can make your vagina feel and look looser.

Coupled with life events like pregnancy and childbirth, many women find that their genitals look very different as they get older. Hormonal changes that come with menopause can also leave you with symptoms like reduced sexual sensation, low sex drive, and other issues.

There are many different ways to manage the symptoms that come with menopause and getting older, and the best choice for every woman is unique. But if you’re embarrassed about the appearance of your genital area and it’s impacting your quality of life, you could be a candidate for vaginal rejuvenation.

Your vaginal rejuvenation options

Every woman is different, but vaginal rejuvenation surgery could be a good choice for you if you’re bothered by:

Dr. Gracia brings more than 30 years of plastic surgery experience to his patients. He’s an expert in labiaplasty and vaginoplasty, two common vaginal rejuvenation procedures.


Labiaplasty is a cosmetic procedure to reduce the size of your labia minora. The labia minora is located inside the labia majora or the outermost part of the female genitals. During labiaplasty, Dr. Gracia adjusts the size of the labia minora so they aren’t longer than the labia majora.

This procedure is particularly common for women who have large or irregular labia. Large labia may cause discomfort, twisting, and tugging, and creating a smaller labia with surgery can relieve these symptoms.


In a vaginoplasty procedure, Dr. Gracia tightens and removes excess tissue inside your vagina. If your pelvic muscles separated during pregnancy or childbirth, he brings them back together to improve the appearance and sexual function.

Vaginoplasty may be a good option for women with significant vaginal laxity, because these more severe cases may not respond to nonsurgical treatments like radiofrequency or laser.

Before making his treatment recommendation, Dr. Gracia takes the time to understand your aesthetic goals. He may suggest labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, or a combination of procedures to give you the best possible results.

If you choose vaginal rejuvenation, you can expect your procedure to be performed in an outpatient setting. You may be given local or oral sedation, but you can go home shortly after your surgery is complete. Expect full recovery to take several weeks.

Don’t let embarrassment around your physical appearance stop you from enjoying a full sex life. Contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gracia and find out if vaginal rejuvenation is a good option for you.

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