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Mastopexy with Implants Fort Worth

A breast lift may also be completed in conjunction with breast implants (breast augmentation). It’s normal for the breasts to sag as you grow older. The breasts, like the rest of the body, tend to sag with age. The sagging can be exacerbated by childbirth, genetics, stretch marks on the breast skin, weight gain, and weight loss.

If you desire your breasts to be full, have better projection and perkier, you are likely a candidate for the procedure.

You May Be a Good Candidate If You Have:

  • sagging breasts
  • a loss of fullness in the top portion of your breasts
  • smaller breasts with the nipples pointing downwards

General Procedure

A breast lift with implants usually lasts about three hours. Time can and will vary depending on each case. The procedure itself, is much like that of the breast lift except the patient will have an implant inserted along with the breast lift, the implant will be placed in a pocket directly under the breast tissue or under the muscle of the chest wall.

Recovery Process

Post-operative instructions will call for plenty rest and limited activity in order to speed up the healing process and recovery time. Bandages are applied right after surgery to aid the healing process, minimize swelling and movement of the breasts. Once the bandages are removed, the patient will need to wear either a Playtex 18 Hour or a Playtex Cross Your Heart bra for the first two months. Pain and discomfort associated with surgery is treated with oral medication and/or ice compacts. While complications are rare, patients can minimize potential problems by carefully following the post-operative directions given by Dr. Gracia.

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