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Acnizil is the natural choice for clearer skin.

Acnizil is a new nano-silver topical gel to help manage mild, moderate and severe acne. It can also be used during breakouts and flare ups, as well as for long-term management. Acnizil is a non-prescription topical hydrogel that is clinically proven to immediately and continuously kill the Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) bacteria.

Acnizil is non-irritating and safe for all skin types. It does not contain any peroxides, acids, parabens, alcohol, color or fragrances.

Acnizil can be used on both non-inflammatory and inflammatory skin breakouts.

Acnizil should be used for minimum of eight weeks before a response can be accurately assessed, although many people have reported results much more quickly.

Acnizil is NOT an antibiotic and will not cause bacterial resistance.

Acnizil is rapid and continuous bactericidal activity that does not build up resistance.

Acnizil can be used under make-up.

Acnizil is only available for point of sale through a healthcare professional.

If you look at other acne products, chances are they contain at least one, if not more, of the above ingredients.
Acnizil contains only three ingredients — Our Proprietary Silver Solution, Triethalomine (TEA) and Carbomer.
Acnizil has no known side effects.


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