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Skin lesions (growths) appear in many shapes, sizes, colors and locations. The most common types of lesions are moles and keratoses. These lesions can be flat or raised. It is important to monitor changes in these growths such as change in size or color. If suspicious lesions are ignored these can sometimes develop into basal or squamous cell cancer.

General Procedure

These lesions are commonly removed in an office setting using a local injection and then sent to pathology. For larger or complex growths, the patient may be required to go a surgery center. In cases with suspicious or complex growths it is important to seek a qualified physician like a doctor that is board certified in plastic surgery.

Recovery Process

The procedure is generally done on a out-patient basis and requires no “down time”.

Examples of Benign Lesions


Examples of Cancerous Lesions



For more information on self exams and detecting skin cancer you may visit the website for the
American Cancer Society.

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