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Needle Fasciotomy, also known as needle aponeurotomy, needle aponevrotomy or percutaneous needle fasciotomy (PNF), is a minimally invasive procedure that is routinely done on an outpatient basis in the physician’s office to treat Dupuytren’s. This technique uses needles to cut through the contracted cords, so that the fingers can be extended causing the cords to break. Thus getting the bent fingers straight and functional again.

General Procedure

The patient will receive a local anesthetic in the area to be treated prior to starting the Needle Fasciotomy. Once the area is cleaned and numb the doctor uses a needle to cut through the fibrous bands by using a sawing motion back and forth. Now that the cords are weakened the fingers are then extended to snap the cords. The injection site will be covered with a gauze bandage and the patient will be referred out to have a removable splint made.

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