Are Your Abs Hiding? Abdominoplasty Can Help Reveal Those Muscles

Abdominoplasty is one of the most-requested cosmetic surgeries. Also called a tummy tuck, this popular procedure removes excess fat, skin, and tightens ab muscles to give you a toned silhouette.

Many people work hard to maintain a healthy weight, but their abs hide beneath excess fat or loose skin that just won’t budge. Sometimes achieving the abdominals of your dreams simply isn’t possible with diet and exercise alone, and that’s where abdominoplasty can help.

Walter D. Gracia, MD, PA specializes in abdominoplasty to help you reach your goals. He and our surgical team regularly perform tummy tucks for people seeking to reveal their abs and boost their confidence.

What a tummy tuck can do for you

Everyone’s body composition is different, but there are a few common causes of weakened or sagging abdomens, including:

Pregnancy changes the way your midsection looks and feels, and many women find that loose skin and weak ab muscles impact their self-esteem. A tummy tuck can tighten ab muscles that stretched with pregnancy and remove some excess skin and fat that can linger long after labor and delivery.

Significant weight loss can cause similar effects in the abdominal area. Losing a large amount of weight might take the excess fat off, but excessive sagging skin is common and it can make you look heavier than you are.

If you’ve tried toning your abs but you’re unhappy with the appearance of your stomach, it’s time to consider abdominoplasty. Dr. Gracia customizes each procedure to every patient’s needs. He performs comprehensive assessments and maps a treatment plan to tackle your trouble spots and reveal your abs.

What a tummy tuck can’t do

Abdominoplasty is a customizable procedure with the power to reveal smoother, sleeker abs, but there are a few things this cosmetic procedure can’t do. Abdominoplasty isn’t a weight loss procedure, and you should only consider it if you’re already at or near your ideal weight.

The procedure isn’t a treatment for stretch marks, but some stretch marks may be removed along with excess skin as part of the tummy tuck. Women who are considering getting pregnant in the future should not get abdominoplasty until they are done having children.

What to expect when you get a tummy tuck

You could be a great candidate for abdominoplasty if you’re generally healthy and at a stable weight, but you’re unhappy with the appearance of your abdomen. If you choose abdominoplasty, Dr. Gracia and our team move ahead with your procedure.

On the day of your tummy tuck, we administer general anesthesia to keep you comfortable. Dr. Gracia makes a small incision just above your pubic area. Then, we remove excess fat and repair weakened muscles.

We remove excess skin before closing the incision. The location of your incision, combined with Dr. Gracia’s care in placing your stitches, means scarring is minimized.

Our team will give you instructions for your recovery. In general, you’ll need to avoid strenuous activity for about six weeks, and reintroduce daily activities slowly. In a few months, you’ll be able to enjoy life with the toned, slim stomach you’ve been wanting.

The results of your tummy tuck are permanent, but it’s important that you commit to maintaining a healthy weight and avoid significant weight fluctuations. Gaining weight after abdominoplasty could mean you’ll lose the results you gained with surgery.

Show off your abdominal muscles with a tummy tuck. Schedule your abdominoplasty consultation with Dr. Gracia by calling our Fort Worth, Texas office at 817-336-9450 or book online.

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