I Have Hanging Skin from My Weight Loss: Can You Help?

I Have Hanging Skin from My Weight Loss: Can You Help?

Losing a significant amount of weight is a tremendous achievement. From the health benefits to increased confidence, there's a lot to be proud of — but that weight loss can also leave you with excess hanging skin.

Excess skin can be uncomfortable, limiting your ability to enjoy the rewards of all your hard work. The good news is that you don't have to live with frustrating, sagging skin. Walter D. Gracia, MD, PA, specializes in body contouring and skin removal in Fort Worth, Texas.

Read on to learn more about excess skin after weight loss and how body contouring can help you achieve the look you've been striving for.

The impact of excess skin after significant weight loss

Excess skin is a common issue among people with significant weight loss, whether through bariatric surgery, diet and exercise, or a combination of approaches. This loose skin develops when fat disappears, but the skin can't shrink completely to fit your new frame.

A few of the most common spots for excess skin are your:

No matter where it’s located, excess skin hangs down and gives you a drooping appearance — even after you’ve shed the extra weight.

The benefits of body contouring after significant weight loss

You've done the hard work of shedding the extra weight, and Dr. Gracia can help you take the final steps toward achieving your aesthetic goals.

Removing excess skin can alleviate discomfort, chafing, and skin irritation caused by hanging skin folds. And without that extra skin, you might find exercising comfortably to maintain your new lifestyle easier.

Body contouring surgery can also positively impact your mental health by reducing self-consciousness. You can enjoy shopping for and wearing comfortable clothing to feel more confident in your new body.

Body contouring surgery for excess skin

Dr. Gracia specializes in body contouring, a plastic surgery designed to tighten and tone your curves. He offers a range of procedures that can address the issue of excess skin, including:

Breast lift

A breast lift raises and reshapes sagging breasts. Dr. Gracia removes excess skin and tightens the surrounding tissue to give your breasts a youthful and perky appearance.

Arm lift

An arm lift could be right if you have sagging skin on your upper arms. During the procedure, Dr. Gracia removes excess skin and fat from around your upper arms, giving you better arm contour and definition.

Lower body lift

A lower body lift combines several procedures to address excess skin and contour your lower body. Dr. Gracia tailors your procedure to your aesthetic goals, and many lower body lifts include abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), buttock lift, and thigh lift to deliver a comprehensive transformation.

Is body contouring right for you?

Before opting for excess skin removal surgery, it's essential to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in post-weight loss procedures. Dr. Gracia offers a suite of procedures to remove excess skin and tone your curves. 

We review your health history and discuss your goals. Following a comprehensive exam, we'll work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan. Remember that recovery times and potential risks can vary depending on your specific procedures, so don't hesitate to ask Dr. Gracia and our team questions during your consultation.

Stop living with frustrating excess skin and start enjoying the benefits of your weight loss success. Schedule a body contouring consultation with Dr. Gracia at 817-336-9450 or contact us online today.

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